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2023 Meeting Information

please keep checking here for any updates as the meeting approaches..


Childcare Service (children 12 and under)

​Schedule Arrival: 6h00pm Departure: 10h00pm

Activity schedule includes:

6h00pm Greeting and Name badge

6h00-7h00 Organized crafts with the care givers This year, calming bottles will be our craft!

7h00pm dinner (provided by client)

7h30-8h30 free play with the caregivers

8h30-10h30 movie/free play with the caregivers

Materials available during free play: • Open ended crafts, and materials for calming bottles! • Board games, puzzles, brain teasers • Gross motor activities • Little Tykes bouncer if space allows • Movies • Lots of Laughter, Smiles & Fun

Kimberlee Care staff is fully vaccinated according to the government recommendations. Proof of vaccination will be provided when necessary. Staff is committed to coming to work healthy, without symptoms of any kind. Kimberlee Care will not be held responsible in any way, nor will any members of our staff be responsible for ANY COVID-19 related issues were to arise from the NCOA event held within the details of this contract.

Games Room (children 13+)

Games room with videogames will be available for those 13+

This area is not formally supervised by a childcare service, but an adult will be present.

Masks must be worn at all times.

Dinner will be provided for these children in the room.

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